01. Some people prefer to use natural herbs as an [alternative] to prescription drugs.
02. We need to come up with an [alternate] plan, in case this one doesn't work.
03. The apple crisp recipe calls for [alternate] layers of apples and a mixture of oats and nuts.
04. We had to take an [alternate] route to the airport because of the road construction.
05. She tried taking pills to lose weight as an [alternative] to getting regular exercise, but had little success.
06. Faced with worsening health, and a doctor that didn't seem able to help him, Craig decided to try [alternative] medicine.
07. I know you don't want to move out of your apartment, but you have no [alternative] if the building is going to be sold.
08. As science and technology develop, many are now suggesting that there may be some [alternatives] to animal testing.
09. Successful [alternatives] to testing drugs on animals include test tube studies on human tissue cultures, statistics and computer models.
10. There is a Chinese proverb which states that of all the thirty-six [alternatives], running away is best.
11. Maurice Chevalier once observed that old age is not so bad when you consider the [alternatives].
12. How can you call this music [alternative] when their CDs sell by the thousands?
13. Children in many countries are often forced to work in dangerous and abusive jobs because they are poor and have no other [alternative].
14. In the future, we will have to rely more on [alternate] energy sources.
15. Cactus plants offer a perfect [alternative] to clotheslines in the hot, dry climate of Haiti.
16. In 1978, it was announced that the names of hurricanes would begin to [alternate] between men and women's names instead of always being named after women.
17. Henry Kissinger once said that the absence of [alternatives] clears the mind marvelously.
18. The process of decision-making consists of choosing from among a set of [alternatives].
19. The buses are on strike, so you'll need to find an [alternate] way of getting to work.
20. We could have a company golf tournament, or [alternatively], we could try something like an overnight camping trip.
21. Her new medication helps to keep her from constantly [alternating] between extreme moods.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

(between two things), (of two)

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